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Bilateral Social Security Agreement Turkey

August 11, 2023

Bilateral Social Security Agreement between Turkey and Other Countries: All You Need to Know

Social security is an essential aspect of our lives, especially for those who work and contribute to their countries` economies. It provides financial assistance and support to individuals and their families during various life events, such as retirement, disability, and loss of a loved one. For people who work in different countries, having bilateral social security agreements (BSAs) is crucial to avoid double taxation and ensure that contributions made to one country`s social security system also count towards the receiving country`s entitlements.

Turkey, being a popular destination for work and business, has signed bilateral social security agreements with numerous countries worldwide. Therefore, it is important for individuals and companies operating in Turkey to understand these agreements` details. This article will provide insight into what BSAs are, the benefits they offer, and Turkey`s social security agreements with other countries.

What are Bilateral Social Security Agreements (BSAs)?

Bilateral social security agreements (BSAs) are agreements between two countries that regulate the social security rights of their citizens who work and reside in the territories of the other country. The BSAs aim to eliminate dual social security coverage and ensure that the workers` contributions made to one country`s social security system are recognized and counted towards the other country`s entitlements.

BSAs apply to various social security schemes, such as old-age, survivor`s benefits, disability benefits, and healthcare coverage. They also cover diverse groups of workers, including employees, self-employed persons, and their family members.

Benefits of Bilateral Social Security Agreements (BSAs)

The primary benefit of BSAs is to alleviate the burden of double social security contributions and ensure continuity of social security entitlements of individuals who move between countries. Without BSAs, individuals may face the risk of losing their social security rights when relocating for work or business in another country.

BSAs also create a level playing field for businesses and their employees, minimizing the administrative and financial costs of complying with different countries` social security laws.

Turkey`s Bilateral Social Security Agreements with Other Countries

Turkey has signed BSAs with over 30 countries worldwide, including Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, and Russia. The agreements` scope and duration vary according to each country`s social security system, but they generally cover old-age, survivor`s benefits, disability benefits, and healthcare coverage.

For example, the agreement between Turkey and Germany allows employees who have worked and paid contributions for a minimum of five years between both countries` territories to receive social security benefits regardless of where they reside. The agreement with the United Kingdom allows for the coordination of social security benefits for employees who work and contribute to both countries` social security systems, making it easier for them to receive their entitlements.


Bilateral social security agreements are crucial to ensuring that individuals who work and contribute to the social security systems of different countries receive their entitlements. Companies operating in Turkey should pay attention to these agreements` details, especially when relocating employees for work purposes. Turkey has signed several BSAs that cover various social security schemes, providing greater flexibility and security for individuals and businesses. Familiarizing oneself with these agreements can help individuals avoid double taxation and plan their social security entitlements effectively.